Sibelco Head Office Barueri / SP Brazil.


Founded in 1872, SIBELCO has become a truly international company, currently operating 228 production centers in 41 countries, counting on a team of about 10,000 people. We work in partnership with our clients in the creation of real value, delivering local solutions derived from the global resources and experience of the Group.

In the beginning of our activities, SIBELCO focused on mining quartz sand for glass manufacturers in Belgium. Nowadays, we extract and process a variety of non-metallic industrial minerals, which are being continuously developed to meet the various requirements of manufacturers in a wide range of segments.

Likewise the markets we serve, our company is under permanent evolution. However, we preserve our operation philosophy as that of a private company with decentralized management, short and agile decision lines, long-term investments and an outstanding history of relationship with our employees.

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