• Welcome

    Welcome to SIBELCO South America, a company of SIBELCO Group, with global presence through its operations in South America, North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

    We supply advanced industrial minerals for a wide range of applications. Our portfolio reflects the broad diversity of physical, chemical and functional requirements of our clients.


  • Product Line

    In South America we have operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela, with 30 plants and mines producing:

    Clays and Kaolin, Lime & Limestone, Calcium Carbonate (GCC and PCC) – micronized, grinded and Slurry, Silica and Zircon

    Our portfolio of products form the starting point for things we all use every day, from the windows in your home to the cup that holds your morning coffee. Industrial minerals are an essential component of modern life and it is our responsibility as a business to ensure that these natural resources are used wisely.